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Jean Lamon - Vivaldi : Concerto Alla Rustica
John Renbourn Group - Nacht Tanz / Shaeffertanz
Joe Morris + Mat Maneri - Slight of Hand
Imogen Heap - Clear the Area
Bela Fleck & The Flecktones - Trouble and Strife
Abney Park - The One
Attrition - A Girl Called Harmony
Socialburn - Never Be The Same
Jimi Hendrix - Room Full of Mirrors
Black Tape For A Blue Girl - Remnants of A Deeper Purity
The Tear Garden - The Center Bullet
The Sundays - Hideous Towns
Brainticket - Era of Technology
Thelema - The Rain Poured Down


喜多郎 (kitaro) - ancient of wind
lycia/estraya - the time has gone
pavement - type slowly
sonic youth - bull in the heather
tothe international - 120 dict def
adult. - scare up birds
die form - neurolepsia
the cure - grinding halt
lux occulta - gray halo
life after dark - sucking the conscience
gene - this is not my crime
the guggenheim grotto - philosophia
pj harvey - down by the water
rasputina - clipped
moi dix mois - eternally beyond
chapeaumelon - my generation
zharauyik - katagorai

empire of the sun - walking on a dream
depeche mode - john the revelator
miyavi - please, please, please
kaiser chiefs - i predict a riot
die laughing - garden of thorns
ecstacy of st. theresa - neon
clannad - mhuirnin
this morn' omina - the penultimate truth
eeltionnath - distant rain
dir en grey - beautiful dirt
the sisters of mercy - blood money
calexico - lucky dime
jimi hendrix - in from the storm
imogen heap - just for now
we the kings - check yes juliet
steve roach / vidna obmana - the memory pool

shriekback - signs
imogen heap - i am in love with you
melotron - die maske
nine inch nails - kinda i want to
the 3Ds - the venus trail
radiohead - black star
the jesus & mary chain - her way of praying
london after midnight - nothing's sacred
garnet crow - last love song
qntal - rossinhol
bill douglas - windhorse
xarkanex - summoning the muse
valkyrie - a bitter note
mark kleinhaut - amphora
boot - lost the girl i found
dry - kitty talking
bettie serveert - keepsake
gackt - secret garden

chimera - let me be around
bauhaus - kingdom's coming
scarlet slipping - severance
mittageisen - beständigkeit der erinnerung
thoushaltnot - the projectionist (silent film mix)
bigod20 - be liquid
shriekback - madness into method
calexico - panic open string
bauhaus - hollow hills
clannad - loch na caillí
black tape for a blue girl - left, unsaid
jasonalacrity - my apologies
attrition - a girl called harmony
thelema - my angel, my angel
chem lab - i still bleed
crippled black phoenix - the lament of the nithered mercenary
lorie line - in the looking glass

joe morris + mat maneri - versicolor
black tape for a blue girl - pandora's dream
legion within - pure
joy division - novelty
kerli - creepshow
melotron - angst
the prodigy - naranyan
titonton - benedicamus domino b
shiny toy guns - starts with one
sarah mclachlan - shelter
jenka - heart
the psychedelic furs - alice's house
zadera - unknown
the 3Ds - the ball of purple cotton
yo la tengo - from black to blue
the sisters of mercy - i was wrong

enero brillante

creaking tree string quartet - lithograph lizard
桜庭 統 (motoi sakuraba) - soft labyrinth
switchblade symphony - naked birthday
thoushaltnot - new year
the decemberists - here i dreamt i was an architect
angelo badalamenti - haunting & heartbreaking
dead can dance - the arrival and the reunion
die form - resonant magnetic source
deathboy - crawlout
strobegirl - loney and mixed up again
the chaos engine - naphephilia
the dear hunter - his hands matched his tongue
painful reminder - indiana
the countdown orchestra - she moved through the fair
shakespear's sister - stay
massive attack - unfinished sympathy

bigod 20 - swallow me
céu - roda (bombay dub orchestra's grateful dub radio mix)
the echoing green - if i could (i think i can, i think i can mix)
crushed - crescent draggin wagon
thosquanta - what you won't (rad racer mix)
kill switch... klick - 'music'
consolidated - white american male (snipped)
divine desecration - faith of the feeble
marilyn manson - sweet tooth
gone out gone - the blister gas party
the fratellis - chelsea dagger
my chemical romance - i never told you what i do for a living
battz in the belfry - fade to grey
the tear garden - new eden
the angry string orchestra - nothing else matters
36 headshots - ether

korn featuring amy lee - freak on a leash
wolfsheim - sleep somehow
- another january
consolidated - fight the facts
shriekback - lines from the library
lament - winter
yo la tengo - you can have it all
lois walden - what if there's no paradise
black tape for a blue girl - this lush garden within
aesthetic perfection - i belong to you
metallica - of wolf and man
syme - modern love
happe vehatlapaim - yahalom
peter murphy - deep ocean vast sea
tori amos - jackie's strength
the pogues - sit down by the fire
dead can dance - american dreaming

all pleasure

enya - march of the celts
the flash girls - signal to noise
abney park - dear ophelia
dave carter & tracy grammer - annie's lover
gackt - fragrance
the tear garden - in search of my rose
oysterband - star of the county down
michael kong-leung - fairy tale
koljademo - feathershake highlander (meeting place above)
solstice assembly - touch but my lips
b la fleck & the flecktones - star of the county down
dakota blonde - down unda
vangelis - tales of the future
m ire brennan - against the wind

gackt - blue
pigface - kiss king (high high high)
janis ian - shadow
喜多郎 (kitaro) - flight
valkyrie - the walk
loreena mckennitt - stolen child
enya - i want tomorrow
the tear garden - phoenix
rasputina - dig ophelia
m ire brennan - the mighty one
shriekback - cradle song
loreena mckennitt - the old ways
dead can dance - severance

emilie autumn - how strange
depeche mode - john the revelator
everywhen - photograph
oysterband - curragh of kildare
old 97s - time bomb david bowie - thru' these architects eyes
u2 - vertigo
counting crows - a murder of one
old crow medicine show - caroline
lorie line - moonshadow (cover)
rasputina - new zero
the tear garden - ophelia
vnv nation - beloved
switchblade symphony - naked birthday

joemy wilson - faeries' lamentation
the postal service - we will become silhouettes
earth loop recall - wake up shaking
peter murphy - cuts you up
hungry lucy - my beloved
moi dix mois - the other side in blood
the crüxshadows - winterborn (subway to sally mix)
clannad - battles
36 headshots - figurine's eye
painted saints - oh comely (cover)
dead can dance - i am streched on your grave
shriekback - faded flowers

pleasure in pain

mors syphilitica - the hues of longing
scarlet slipping - your icy waters
the acoustic world ensemble - aya sofia
g tterd mmerung - echoes of despair
son of otis - cold city blues
freaks - nyce & slo
david bisbal - premonici n
fektion fekler - tv trauma (angels with chicken wings remix)
the underdogs - florida bound
moi dix mois - deflower (instrumental)
john renbourn group - john barleycorn
irina mikhailova - leaf on the wind
rheas obsession - between earth and sky
black tape for a blue girl - redefine pure faith
silentium - frostnight

robert ashford - summer's end
stream of passion - calliopeia
signal to noise - the weather machine
shriekback - malaria
legion within - deeper you go
robotic sound check - inothernews
dir en grey - machiavellism
thosquanta - lovelife
paradise lost - your own reality
dissociate - mental temper
the dresden dolls - me & the minibar
gackt - illness illusion
painful reminder - fucking and crying
unfinished thought - probabilities
richard burmer - a story from the rain

I. leo
pigface - metal tangerine
table - spindrift
the 3Ds - summer stone
sero.overdose - the one
fields of nephilim - preacher man
corey glover - hymn #1017
valkyrie - halo burn
crushed - brimstone in a barren land
janis ian - might as well be monday
remy zero - chloroform days
the brides - black market rebate
rasputina - our lies
billy childish - troubled times
black lips - not a problem
joy division - she's lost control
lacrimas profundere - should
the psychedelic furs - there's a world outside
anything box - jubilation
midsummer - where the waves
fun9 - plash
kaiser chiefs - na na na na naa

II. virgo
creaking tree string quartet - are you sitting comfortably?
bill evans - body & smoke
painted saints - every time i smile wrong (sopping thursday)
west indian girl - visions
bauhaus - silent hedges
the dresden dolls - pretty in pink (cover)
thumbnail - insect sex trap
james - everybody knows
mychal danna - deidre of the sorrows
malice mizer - leeca
creaking tree string quartet - miles of sky
niobium - to our last soldier
soul asylum - be on your way
black tape for a blue girl - the scavenger bride
natalie imbruglia - pigeons and crumbs
my chemical romance - the sharpest lives
oysterband - i fought the law

alien sex fiend - hurricane fighter plane
massive attack - teardrop
dead can dance - echolalia
the weather - hope and maybe
hearts fall - wishing well
download - mzeo b
jimi hendrix - in from the storm
william parker / joe morris / hamid drake - sand choir
solstice assembly - pokraj more loze
edge of dawn - the nightmare i am
3kstatic - wiretap
valeria gastaldi - despertar
the 69 eyes - motormouth
dissociate - incisor
miyavi - viva viva be-bop
sue garner & rick brown - asphalt road

nostalgia revisited

imperative reaction - giving in to the change (wasted time mix)
savatage - summer's rain
spoon - chicago at night
goteki - shinjuku lullaby
jason alacrity - scorpion
pompeii - numbers
thoushaltnot - inside of you, in spite of you
chain - before there was
tiamat - a caress of stars
sonic youth - lights out
the sundays - summertime
dead letter office - autopilot
amdeide - servitude
a kiss could be deadly - broken music
36 headshots - my face belongs to you
wayne hancock - tonight the rain is coming down
love is colder than death - fiorina


painful reminder - what you do not understand
garmarna - antiokia
willie nelson - sugar moon
the doobie brothers - black water
great northern - home
marilyn horne - i didn't raise my boy to be a soldier
the number 12 looks like you - jay walking backwards
metallica - don't tread on me
versed in grey - tides
soul coughing - true dreams of wichita
painted saints - for the brokers of bottlecaps
the verve pipe - photograph
jackal lantern - a dismal kind of love
rusted root - martyr
inch - for duty and humanity
ozomatli - magnolia soul
our lady peace - middle of yesterday
colleen - the golden morning breaks

nerve opera

green day - tired of waiting for you (cover)
championbirdwatchers - callisto
the psychedelic furs - sleep comes down
l'arc~en~ciel - spiral
the presets - this boy's in love
brad mehldau trio - exit music (for a film)
die form - transvocal mutations
the tear garden - psycho 9
chaos engine - nerve opera
paradise lost - ash & debris
nordisk sang - thomasklukkud'n pa filefjell
gackt - ash
love is colder than death - an invite, to eternity
thelema - the rain poured down
pigface - symphony for taps


daau - broken
skinny puppy - convulsion
kaiser chiefs - what did i ever give you?
antarctica - the chrome selected
david bisbal - como la primera vez
shriekback - my spine (is the bass line)
painted saints - barbed wire & tin
lead belly - where did you sleep last night?
the fixx - yesterday, today
シャ乱Q (sharam Q) - 空を見なよ
pitchshifter - subject to status
atreyu - tulips are better
barbaraann - icangiveyoumore
cathal coughlan - officer material
my chemical romance - the jetset life is going to kill you
scorn - silver rain fell
gone out gone - electric cafe

S U T U R E     G O R E     G A U Z E
dedicated to the fictional doctor gregory house

black tape for a blue girl - seven days till sunrise
chem lab - suture: lo-grade fever
chem lab - suture
yelworc - blood in the face (terror mix)
malice mizer - color me blood red
chem lab - static haze (lost suture)
jackal lantern - garbled in the black box recording
switchblade symphony - fear
chem lab - suture
noises - blue rats
mnemic - blood staind (rhys fulber's euphoric recall remix)
painful reminder - blood on the cold blue moon
chem lab - suture-
trent reznor - i'm deranged (reprise)
chem lab - suture
consolidated - there's a mountain filled with blood
david bisbal - torre de babel
chem lab - suture
jenn london - crazy thought
thoushaltnot - cracked (typeface)
dir en grey - gauze ~mode of adam~
chem lab - suture: latex
dir en grey - gauze ~mode of eve~
bauhaus - of lilies and remains


808 state - nimbus
massive attack - future proof
machines of loving grace - ancestor cult
davos - these days
irina - gothica
lux occulta - fleeting image
arch enemy - dead eyes see no future
argyle - nervous premonition
my chemical romance - our lady of sorrows
ayria - disease
anything box - living in oblivion
buffalo daughter - sky high
versed in grey - this clock of mine
dawn desiree - waltz of the afterlife
the chaos engine - 404/signal to noise ratio
william parker / joe morris / hamid drake - dawn son
mediaeval baebes - passing thus alone

snow cloud darkness

afro celt sound system - lovers of light
the crüxshadows - winterborn (subway to sally mix)
diskonnekted - be cool
big electric cat - twisting man
ulver - vowels
melotron - stille
predominance - thermonuclear winter
smashing pumpkins - we only come out at night
tiamat - clouds
psychophile - darklight
moses - lady winter
altan - the snowy path
fjernlys - dress of stars
freaks - time
type o negative - wolf moon
ghost parade - starry night
r. carlos nakai - solstice prayer
the cambridge singers - before the ending of the day

nvmbrrr bellz

dark sanctuary - presence
download - bellshaw
david bisbal - torre de babel
altan - 'si do mhaimeoí
attrition - a girl called harmony
hungry lucy - telltale shot (thoushaltnot mix)
white willow - nightside of eden
twelve girls band - bach tribute : concerto for violin in a minor (1st movement)
scholomance - the next step
loreena mckennitt - the old ways
abney park - dear ophelia
pigface - you know / you know / you know
abbey of el calcat - monastery bells

the tear garden - the double spades effect
laudanum - forever blind
syme - psychedelic heart
shiny toy guns - you are the one
damon albarn & michael nyman - manifest destiny
unfinished thought - the timid
the guggenheim grotto - philosophia
the crüxshadows - citadel (in strict confidence mix)
jackal lantern - clang
charlotte martin - veins lois walden - with you in mind
dir en grey - gauze ~mode of eve~
membrane conspiracy - sophia
tori amos - bells for her
gorillaz - november has come
rasputina - the donner party

the hunt

evereve - autumn leaves
nine inch nails - my violent heart
sepultura - inhuman nature
mephisto walz - hunter's trail (strobelight mix)
the 3Ds - mud sacrifice
garnet crow - pray
robert ashford - life like water flowing
deine lakaien - where are you
cominotto - species
gein and the grave robbers - m
blonde redhead - equus
gackt - lust for blood
hungry lucy - the chase (diskonnekted mix)
helium vola - veni veni (club version)
mediaeval baebes - all turns to yesterday
p u l s e s a m p l e 2
rasputina - hunter's kiss

the creatures - disconnected
unto ashes - the life of this world
dawn desiree - dance in time
massive attack - what your soul sings
the psychedelic furs - the ghost in you
deathboy - i know you know
neuroticfish - velocity
apoptygma berzerk - spiritual reality
black tape for a blue girl - floats in the updraft
blonde redhead - anticipation
vangelis - wait for me
brainticket - the space between
ウルフルズ (ulfuls) - ワンダフル・ワールド(シングルヴァージョン)
my chemical romance - teenagers
the airborne toxic event - does this mean you're moving on?
machines of loving grace - trigger for happiness


ghost parade - starry night
michal - flash
single gun theory - i am what i see (the new delhi remix)
psivamp - insight
vendemmian - this bleeding heart
diary of dreams - the curse (freak edit)
it dies today - a threnody for the modern romance
桜庭 統 (motoi sakuraba) - brave way
rasputina - state fair
the psychedelic furs - merry-go-round (yes i do)
the crüxshadows - love & hatred (neuroactive remix)
pigface - little sisters
loreena mckennitt - dark night of the soul
bettie serveert - d. feathers
stream of passion - nostalgia
robert ashford - summer's end


gorillaz - el mañana
kaiser chiefs - modern way
west indian girl - still lost
ウルフルズ (ulfuls) - 킢Ђ
foo fighters - down in the park
blue october - closer to the sky than the sea
unfinished thought - sidewalks
white town - going nowhere somehow
shriekback - mothloop
emilie autumn - across the sky
andrea bocelli - solamente una vez
treadmill trackstar - walking with madeline
delerium - daylight

june (moon)
gackt - freesia~op.1~
phoenix/nebulin - voce de la luna
savage aural hotbed - earth
rusted root - cruel sun
synchro nine factor - get it right
kaiser chiefs - learnt my lesson well
melt banana - 13000 miles!
panic! at the disco - i write sins not tragedies
the used - pretty handsome awkward
maps of norway - manners
thoushaltnot - cracked (typeface)
blood or whiskey - kind of the fairies/western junk
painful reminder - i only wanted you for sex
plulink - one final word
gackt - freesia~op.2~

joon (sun)
butterfly messiah - transmigration
the pale - gravity gets things done
stryk 9 - bled by silence
emergency broadcast network - we must have the facts
motoi sakuraba - violent storm
enya - the sun in the stream
007 - summertime
dakota blonde - the tide is high
diver - sonic bloom
the dreamside - somewhere before (angels & agony remix)
solstice assembly - no hiding place
rasputina - thimble island
sharon burch - earth and sun
pretty girls make graves - the teeth collector
pearl jam - garden
psychophile - never had a face


buffalo daughter - jellyfish blues
my chemical romance - thank you for the venom
minefield - after the ball (stark raven mad remix)
treadmill trackstar - pale the bright sun
savage aural hotbed - process
nine inch nails - the greater good
blue october - free (wideband network remix)
psivamp - the oracle
morsel - meadow
stryk 9 - paper ships (the stricken)
psychophile - intense
布袋寅泰 (tomoyasu hotei) - howling
pop will eat itself - preaching to the perverted
pigface - first taken third found
skinny puppy - rash reflection
sepultura - dusted
venus falling - to be or not to B3
the chaos engine - elegance vs. the abyss


clannad - gaoth barra na dtonn
death cab for cutie - someday you will be loved
the chameleons - tears
mike doughty - thank you, lord, for sending me the f train
tori amos - evergreen
the dresden dolls - coin-operated boy
seabound - poisonous friend (severed heads remix)
charlotte martin - bones
the good, the bad, and the queen - herculean
type o negative - green man
leah andreone - you don't exist
emilie autumn - juliet
noah zacharin - the garden

a quiet melancholy for a damp spring day

emilie autumn - how strange
the tear garden - new eden
die form - glassphyxie
aco - shinsei romanticist
the postal service - we will become silhouettes
stream of passion - i'll keep on dreaming
legion within - king of nowhere
collide - wings of steel
the chemical brothers - star guitar
replicants - destination unknown (cover)
gackt - secret garden
massive attack - butterfly caught
switchblade symphony - into the sky

There are OLD, OLD sets.

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