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The older the list, the farther down the page, just as it is with the NEWEST lists...


five point plan - live today
skinny puppy - harsh stone white
fool's progress - sometimes i wonder
shriekback - clear trails
blackbird - quicksand
the psychedelic furs - heartbreak beat
they might be giants - no one knows my plan
steven schramm & jonas kvarnstrom - terror drive
rudy colombini - message of love
the seahorses - love is the law
james - knuckle too far
喜多郎 (kitaro) - dholavira
assemblage 23 - opened (back and to the left remix)
pyogenesis - working man
3kstatic - four


chain - earthscape III
deathboy - heat death
chemlab - electric molecular
pigface - weightless
savage aural hotbed - musclewire
qntal - doussa res
shriekback - the reptiles and i
jo and danny - love expression
west indian girl - northern sky
black tape for a blue girl - we return
loreena mckennitt - bonny swans
jaquay bitch - cimetiére
hungry lucy - telltale shot
the tear garden - room with a view
shriekback - brink of collapse
the cure - another day


daau - hot shades
chain - what there will be
malice mizer - 月下の夜想曲 (illuminati)
self help tapes - soapoperatic
mephisto walz - witches gold
plumb - sobering (don't turn around)
new skin - inside of me
switchblade symphony - anmorata
the way of all flesh - final resolve
david bowie - no control
earth loop recall - optimism creeping in
diver - touch me on my nodal place
the degenerate art ensemble - circle
house of freaks - my house
mary lee's corvette - sweeter than true
synchro nine factor - meconium
lacuna coil - heaven's a lie

シャ乱Q - パワーソング
vibro champs - foreign affair
lindberg - 明日は明日の風が吹く
daau - nix
life after dark - souls
black tape for a blue girl - overwhelmed, beneath me
mono chrome - sold
deathboy - killer
coil - the gimp/sometimes
jimi hendrix - izabella
astral grey - make believe
shoulder - burn away
assemblage 23 - let the wind erase me
ensign - black clouds vs. silver linings
rave n madd - a jazz thang
barry adamson - something wicked this way comes
the shining - something i can never have (chemical emission mix)
l'arc~en~ciel - 接吻

damon albarn & michael nyman - trek to the cave
tori amos - evergreen
life after dark - souls
béla fleck & the flecktones - oddity
styx - pieces of eight
the degenerate art ensemble - the target
garnet crow - timeless sleep
stimmen der stille - sahara
house of freaks - she wore red
nina storey - no man
alice in chains - frogs
my ruin - rid of me
rome burns - empty samsara
emergency broadcast network - electronic behavior control system ver. 2.0
gackt - mizerable
bettie serveert - cybor*d
treadmill trackstar - pale the bright sun
john renbourn group - reynardine
sugarcult - stuck in america
styx - the grand illusion
morbid angel - umulamahri #1 lava
砂原良徳 (y.sunahara) - balance
moonbabies - i'm insane but so are you
the jayhawks - red's song
ute lemper - sex appeal
the frosted ambassador - 1
timeout drawer - 1000 reels
razed in black - starfuckers, inc. (cover)
control denied - expect the unexpected
people like us - ready to fly?
dir en grey - mazohyst of decadence
white willow - endless science
tony bennett & k.d. lang - i wonder
the echoing green - thief
smashing pumpkins - in the arms of sleep
mediaeval baebes - c'est la fin


styx - prelude 12
wisteria losenge - requiem for a parking meter
the vanishing - princess poison
michal - my friend
chuck - armistice day
the prids - contact
savage aural hotbed - ¡Z!
sepultura - little wood-music
professional murder music - sleep deprivation
white town - wanted
steve vai - the riddle
ann beretta - forget today forget tomorrow
lois walden - everyone's gonna be saved
astral grey - can't leave here
puccini - non piangere, liù!
the tear garden - we the people


house of red - slow down
rain tree crow - blackwater
membrane conspiracy - tentacle aspects
shriekback - a kind of fascination
4hero - planeteria (a theme from a dream)
clannad - dobhar
firewater - dark days indeed
robert ashford - crazy
remy zero - shadowcasting
the way of all flesh - final resolve
control denied - consumed
lindberg - もっと愛しあいましょ [a rise mix]
mesh - let them crush us
koljademo - thunder song (please send me the world above)
divine eve - the last of the sunset faded
psivamp - sin
bauhaus - crowds
savage aural hotbed - two stage trigger


nofx - dinosaurs will die
chemlab - exile on the mainline (extended dance)
professional murder music - fall again
godsmack - situation
tori amos - father lucifer
west indian girl - hollywood
replicants - ibiza bar (cover)
little tin frog - rocketship
fig dish - come on (don't come on)
puccini - fermo! che fai? t'arresta!
charging horses - who turned off the music?
heather nova - island
adrenalin junkies - outcry
pitchshifter - subject to status
the gathering - broken glass
shriekback - closework
the tear garden - phœnix

the smithereens - tell me when did things go so wrong...
undeground section nord - les couloirs de la mort
membrane conspiracy - fly, my locusts, fly
giacomo puccini - olà, pang! olà pong!
john mayer - neon
dir en grey - mask
janis joplin - buried alive in the blues
the fixx - climb the hill
neil young & crazy horse - a dream that can last
the crüxshadows - cassandra (ego likeness remix)
corpse you luv - hold still (part one)
hungry lucy - the chase (f9 mix)
membrane conspiracy - we are gold and blood
stomp box - carry on my wayward son
savatage - the whip
clannad - mystery game
gackt - blüe
shriekback - hymn to the local gods

nine inch nails - at the heart of it all
mary fortune express - stargazing
control denied - the fragile art of existence
black tape for a blue girl - on broken shells of crystal dreams
david bowie - a small plot of land
joseph arthur - ashes everywhere
the explosion - no revolutions (mind the link - more flash)
gene loves jezebel - break the chain
13th sky - vicious breed (strobelight version)
degenerate art ensemble - interlude
arcanta - the solitary pilgrim
shriekback - (open up your) filthy heart (to me)
布袋寅泰 (tomoyasu hotei) - metropolis
the tear garden - sunev dna sulumor
goteki - departure

"the ides of march"

antonio vivaldi - concerto no. 1 in E Major, op 8.1, rv 269 "spring"
rasputina - things i'm gonna do
joy division - atmosphere
jackal lantern - garbled in the black box recording (cover)
james - so many ways
oysterband - star of the county down
savage aural hotbed - the hunt
mediaeval baebes - kinderly
gackt - kimi no tame ni dekiru koto
shriekback - fish below the ice (the plankton enriched mix)
lauryn hill - nothing even matters
white willow - insomnia
inktea - love of monsters
die cheerleader - remember zelda
people like us - for our listener
the tear garden - valium
october hill - doganch
professional murder music - does it dream
bettie serveert - silent spring

jane siberry - it can't rain all the time
exene cervenka - famous barmaid
white town - thursday at the blue note
nancy mccallion - on we go
jazzy m - jazzin' the way you know (ministry mix)
36headshots - the bird trap
the jayhawks - dying on the vine
analog kid - not quite native (one week mix)
adrenalin junkies - red light green light (go go go)
3kstatic - one:mind
lambchop - up with people (zero 7 dub mix)
peculiar people - friends
the c. gibbs review - down on rivington
clannad - sirius
lee blaske - the dream


stuffing stuff (thanksgiving americana)
the ophidian current - i will the thief to bleed
the john renbourn group - john barleycorn
rasputina - the donner party
the tear garden - her majesty's trusted food taster
tothe international - gratis gift
fiona apple - sleep to dream
36headshots - reminisce
l'arc~en~ciel - lover boy
re-name - in different things (usa club mix)
daniel bedingfield - gotta get thru this
happyhead - baby usa
clarence "tom" ashley - my sweet farm girl
rasputina - stumpside
azure ray - sea of doubts
36headshots - my face belongs to you
hungry lucy - open window (chandeen mix)
daau - hot shades
wisteria losenge - donner party & blitzen
sam crain - synthmusic no. 2

full moon
unfinished thought - evening
l'arc~en~ciel - coming closer
khaleel - no mercy
vendemmian - this bleeding heart
david bowie - strangers when we meet
azure ray - if you fall
paralysed age - famine
pretty girls make graves - chemical, chemical
shriekback - psycho drift
rasputina - new zero
unfinished thought - umbrella
jackal lantern - the city in the sea
azure ray - november
thelema - heart + snake
mephisto walz - hunter's trail
rasputina - hunter's kiss
deathboy - computer #1
ingrid chavez - spiritual storm
big audio dynamite - push those blues away

creedle - film co work co
per svenson - tower capsule megaphone lighthouse
flowers & machines - breathe
dawn desiree - dance in time
old crow medicine show - caroline
jackal lantern - ...and to remember...
the illuminati - deterioration : initialized
alanis morrissette - i was hoping
pink turns blue - missing you (strobelight edit)
wisteria losenge - barney fife lullaby syndrome
the tear garden - psycho 9
the sisters of mercy - lucretia my reflection (extended single)
patrick street - music for a found harmonium
máire brennan - the mighty one
protein - my blood
happyhead - spacetown
u2 - love and peace or else

dear musicians,
      if you have a website,
i can only link it if i can find it...

. . .
david bowie - hallo spaceboy
alien sex fiend - hurricane fighter plane
massive attack - angel
android lust - refuse
laudanum - merhaba
legion within - glass ships
. . .
shriekback - bastard sons of enoch
e nomine - the lord's prayer
lacuna coil - heaven's a lie
pigface - insect suspect (request)
siva six - deep black well
chAos overlords soundtrack #9
suspira - gods take dust
sarah maclachlan - silence (request)
brainticket - egyptian kings
re-name - twelve seconds
. . .

10-26-05 foul play productions - what goes around
bill laswell - upright man
david bowie - the voyeur of utter destruction
wisteria losenge - centipede
the chaos engine - sick, broken, happy
3kstatic - deepfantastic
voltaire - the man upstairs (heavy drama mix)
dawn desiree - revenge
the chaos engine - the second law of averages
tori amos - graveyard
incus - big grey
máire brennan - against the wind
vidna obmana - the esoteric source
lacrimosa - apart (bittruf - part 1)
adrenalin junkies - prime suspect
beck - dead melodies
the misfits - theme for a jackal
soul asylum - without a trace
happy hallowe'en!

more MORE
earth loop recall - mesh
download - tunnel
synchro nine factor - more than me
social distortion - ring of fire (cover)
happyhead - let's go see mr. hyde
itch - good to be alive
the chaos engine - 404/signal to noise ratio
blink-182 - dammit
tori amos - professional widow
children on stun - pray (demo version)
the misfits - where eagles dare
pyrogenesis - working man
green day - f.o.d.
imperial drag - crosseyed
the cassandra complex - mouth of heaven
distorted reality - you want me you hate me
the sisters of mercy - more (power mix)


dawn desiree - what is real
psychophile - illumination
attrition - (hang on to) the thin veil
the aurora - the legend of our origin
tori amos - horses
thelema - the rain poured down (my shout version)
rasputina - kate moss
legion within - glass ships
lycia - estrella
t.a.c. - where the light dies
3kstatic - angel of light
download - beauty in the eyes
foul play productions - field of action
chAos overlords soundtrack #8
vein - underworld

garnet crow - mizu no nai hareta umi e
jennifer paige - crush
half japanese - 1,Ooo,Ooo kisses
u2 - drowning man
everywhen - if you believe
happyhead - digital love thing
the faint - posed to death
machines of loving grace - cheap        WHAT YOU SAY!!!
the chaos engine - the guiting power institute for supreme & unnecessary evil
the misfits - tv casualty
pond - spokes
idina menzel - minuet
u2 - a man and a woman
the cure - three imaginary boys
world party - the curse of the mummy's tomb
beck - tropicalia
earth loop recall - like machines
(rasputina - why don't you do right?)

ace of base - happy nation
butterfly messiah - it's time (post kronos dance mix)
earth loop recall - wake up shaking
ddt - walkabout
robbie quine - the fire of love
alien sex fiend - hurricane fighter plane
deathboy - hellisontheway
wisteria losenge - jigsaw jamboree
download - cunning
the cure - fire in cairo
the chaos engine - little miss misanthropy
big audio dynamite - i turned out a punk
deathboy - parasite
final cut - i believe in you (bassnotized)

razed in black - oh my goth!
david bowie - heart's filthy lesson
the chaos engine - naphephilia
alien sex fiend - magic (pyramid mix)
legion within - dream carny
download - moth
wolfsheim - heroin, she said
thoushaltnot - cardinal directions (stromkern remix)
laudanum - fragile home
blue october - free (liberation mix)
re-name - twelve seconds
(don't fear the reaper tekno cover)
ka-22 - metamorphism
chemlab - codeine, glue and you
severed heads - the tingler
bauhaus - she's in parties
aurora - the legend of our origin
psivamp - succubus

meat puppets - unexplained
the faint - there's something not as valid when the scenery is a postcard
sharon burch - welcome home
irina/lumin - new moon, hilal
west indian girl - miles from monterey
okay temiz - red buddha
pretty girls make graves - this is our emergency
better than ezra - at ch. degaulle, etc.
the tear garden - oo ee oo
pulcher femina - silence
de/vision - unputdownable
psykosonik - down to the ground
shriekback - sticky jazz
garnet crow - mysterious eyes
phyllis boyens - the last old shovel

vnv nation - darkangel
thoushaltnot - cardinal directions (stromkern remix)
carfax abbey - the healing
absurd minds - i offer it just once (2nd offer)
shakespear's sister - stay
sorrow - sleep now forever
shriekback - faded flowers
damon albarn & michael nyman - manifest destiny
daau - gin & tonic
savage aural hotbed - primes
carfax abbey - cry little sister cover
dakota blonde - down unda (cover)
スーパーカー (supercar) - yumegiwa last boy
corvus corax - cheiron
absurd minds - self-imposed (pornopop mix)
atari teenage riot - sex
savage aural hotbed - gomi daiko (metal version)
mephisto walz - nightingale
ultranoir - dismember me
psykosonik - teknojihad
butterfly messiah - monument
chAos overlords soundtrack - (track 7)
psykosonik - down to the ground
tomoyasu hotei (布袋寅泰) - immigrant song (cover)
thamusemeant - war song
chimera - don't feel the same
carfax abbey - flush to the floor
emergency broadcast network - super zen state (power chant 3)
the faint - campus television
chemlab - suture koljademo - feathershake highlander (the meeting place above)
shriekback - working on the ground
skinny puppy - stairs & flowers
damon albarn & michael nyman - welcome to fort spencer
tomoyasu hotei - jingi
the tear garden - you & me & rainbows
savage aural hotbed - drowning in the city of lakes
the solstice assembly - no hiding place
shakespear's sister - hello (turn your radio on)

then john paul getty in the form of a dove
shriekback - over the wire
iris - vacant (lost innocence mix)
trf - try or cry (deep spring night mix)
36headshots - kissing or killing
switchblade symphony - dissolve
the mystic underground - april fools' day
anet - tortured
house of freaks - whipping boy
moonchild - requiem for the man of nomad
severed heads - the tingler (itch-e & scratch-e mix)
neopets - kreludan mining

says you only ever answer to the butcher of love
wintermute - city (part II)
lacrimosa - ein hauch von menschlichkeit (part II)
liquefaction - heaven from here
declau - virtuality
pop will eat itself - can u dig it?
old 97s - time bomb
attrition - two gods
siouxsie & the banshees - placebo effect
collide - euphoria
jonah's onelinedrawing - aeroplanes
april march - cet air-la
lorie line - moonshadow (cover)

in like a lion / out like a lamb
christopher - nokturne
liquefaction - solipsystic
anet - tortured
luckie strike - slightly stoopid
shriekback - my spine (is the bass line)
klone - barcode tattoo
pop will eat itself - 92°F (the 3rd degree)
plulink - people like modern clothing
secret secret - people go out (spy mix)
clannad - battles
black tape for a blue girl - memory, uncaring friend
hungry lucy - storm
korouva miservake - tide
supra-argo - grey'd
m.i.d.f. - vapour angels
the tear garden - in search of my rose
andy irvine, with patrick street - the humours of the king of ballyhooley
lindberg - cute or beauty (オリジナルカラオケ) (backing track)
megaphone man - fat gambling liar
boyd rice - period piece

in honour of valentine's day <3 <3
music to cry your lonely self to sleep by

lester bowie brass fantasy - beautiful people (cover)
the crüxshadows - winterborn (subway to sally mix)
gropius - tents of kedar
gackt - noah
the chaos engine - naphephilia
rasputina - sweet water kill
adenosine tri-phosphate - raining in kyoto
qntal - por mau tens
tomoyasu hotei - battle without honour or humanity
the crüxshadows - flames (cxs deconstructed)
qntal - anc non lo vi
loreena mckennitt - lullaby
michael starobin - the ends of the earth
puccini - gira la cote, gira, gira!
brainticket - rainbow
collide - crushed
bloodwire - accusations
the tear garden - ascension day
michael starobin - jafar's hour
andrew lloyd webber - all i ask of you
yoko kanno - again
neopets - sutek's tomb
米 米 CLUB (kome kome club) - special love
nimheil - love story
piccalinsu - ghost wedding
allerian - inverted sun

2005 ¿¡ARE YOU HERE?! 2005
45 minutes a side, much more tailored
(petey discovered iTunes+stereo out)

gackt - lust for blood
legion within - cover me
psychophile - for her
rename - twelve seconds
earth loop recall - let yourself
gackt - dybbuk
chaos engine - the second law of averages
laudanum - fragile home
rename - pity for the poet
hungry lucy - in the circle (neikka RPM mix)
legion within - glass ships
tomoyasu hotei - kill the target
homestarrunner - strongbad techno
the chaos engine - industrial society and its consequences
zadera - you have lost
deathboy - sick world
tomoyasu hotei - dark wind
zadera - das licht
psychophile - illumination
l'arc~en~ciel - spirit dreams inside
earth loop recall - petra lane
hungry lucy - to kill a king (pandique mix)
jackal lantern - war for heaven
gackt - last song

deireadh fómhair
as recorded to cassette tape - 45 minutes a side

daau - broken
the tear garden - the center bullet
joy division - i remember nothing
razed in black - whipped
shriekback - here comes my handclap
greenday - tired of waiting
they might be giants - out of jail
pop will eat itself - eat me, drink me, love me, kill me
jenn london - crazy thoughts
the tear garden - in search of my rose
james - out to get you
james - one of the three
pop will eat itself - not now - we're busy
jackal lantern - m*th*rf*ck*rs
chemlab - codiene, glue & you
the cassandra complex - the war against sleep
jackal lantern - tin soldier
rasputina - rusty the skatemaker
daau - dip 'n dodge
black tape for a blue girl - remnants of a deeper purity
shriekback - faded flowers
vangelis - blush response

earlybird special
june 4th, 2004

chaos overlords soundtrack - (2)
psivamp - ordo demonae
loafer - travelogue
siouxsie & the banshees - obsession
massive attack - angel
clan of xymox - no words
pigface - closer to heaven
white zombie - more human than human
more human than you, man!
audioplug - x-posed
download - mzeo b
corpse u luv - (4)
kubix - spiral

VOODOO LOUNGE at the jinx
february 25th, 2004

shriekback - here comes my handclap
crushed - whistling past the graveyard
die cheerleader - a case of bad face
steve vai - answers
siouxsie & the banshees - icons
the tear garden - you & me & rainbows
die form - rain of blood
butterfly messiah - (track eight)
the crystal method - (can't you) trip like i do
pop will eat itself - def con one
tothe international - momma i'm a communist

professional murder music
- darker
luv hammer - tarantino's next flick
misfits - brain eaters
apoptygma berzerk - nonstop violence
shriekback - fish below the ice
big audio dynamite - london bridge
motorpsycho - walking on water
pigface - bushmaster
savage aural hotbed - 3, 4, 5
thelema - the rain poured down
damon albarn & michael nyman - hail columbia
rasputina - you don't own me
the tear garden - psycho 9
pop will eat itself - wake up! time to die

tac - the veil of the abyss
bauhaus - king volcano
chain - incommunicado prisoners of silence
michal - juliet's refrain
nurse with wound - ladies home tickler
fowler and branca - one red rose
corpse you luv - virgin bodies
loreena mckennitt - ancient pines
emily's porch - drive faster
happy mondays - do it better
36headshots - figurine's eye
lorie line - time to say goodbye
nina storey - crown
arkane - summoning the muse
per svenson - the midnight sun fires
tom petty - house in the woods
saints & sinners - electric friends
daau - lost souls
royal order of tim - bad guy
the tear garden - six of one
field of action - numérique
the frosted ambassador - (track 7)
¡carlos! - she speaks fluently
savage aural hotbed - the hunt
brothers and systems - what you're good 4
lois walden - woman in the wind
loreena mckennitt - between the shadows
oysterband - cry cry
clannad - dobhar
charging horses - who turned off the music
geraldine fibbers - california tuffy

t.o.y. - white lights
skinny puppy - jackhammer
ghoultown - the burning
blackbird - quicksand
three mile pilot - ruin
nine inch nails - ruiner (autumn remix)
hybrid children - like every day is the last
fool's progress - never until now
single gun theory - i am what i see
precious - new beginning
skinny puppy - k-9
(stuck in this puppy/house groove!? must escape!!!)
warren zevon - i was in the house...
josh rouse & kurt wagner - somehow you could always tell
black tape for a blue girl - the flow of our spirit
doves - rise
clannad - why worry?
motorpsycho - walking on water
mortification - northern storm
stompbox - forever
taconite haven - at night she cries
bigwig - old lady
dream theater - burning my soul
mario piu - everyday
36headshots - ether street

petey's first live & public set

at b & b billiards
october 13th, 2003

i'm given...
(frontline assembly - maniacal remix -?)
...and work from there

the tear garden - psycho 9
sugar - gee angel
green day - tired of waiting
36headshots - baby fish mouth
happyhead - a wave that breaks forever
the geraldine fibbers - california tuffy
professional murder music - painkiller introduction
die cheerleader (son of filth)? - washington d.c.
bauhaus - king volcano
solstice assembly - pokraj more loze

theme from voltron (lions!!!)
soul coughing - unmarked helicopters
guided by voices - my valuable hunting knife
pj harvey - down by the water
they might be giants - istanbul (not constantinople)
voltaire - the man upstairs
o.l.a. - penny dreadfull
twisted sister - we're not gonna take it
veruca salt - seether
diva destruction - the broken ones
voltaire - ex-lover's lover
theme from bladerunner (remix)
diva destruction - enslaved
hungry lucy - grave (digger mix)
godsmack - voodoo (edit)
white willow - the withering of the boughs

collide - pandora's box
the dead cadets - beauty bomb
jack off jill - rabbiteen
rasputina - dwarfstar
voltaire - where's the girl?
this ascension - isabella
throttle - lil miss glow sticks
karling abbeygate - a little girl's heart
cinema strange - lindsay's trachea
drowning sorrow - that girl
all about aubrey - pretty girl
autumn - shadowgirl
project 12:01 - nikki
souls in exile - season girl
hungry lucy - bound in blood
the razor skyline - andrea
audra - in all our androgyny

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