It was some wild hare that led me replacing the usual links page with this table. Well, I hadn't touched the links page since ...forever ago. I think the project stalled out circa 2006 over how to handle the burgeouning MySpace question. I will always prefer a "real" website, no matter how rudimentary, over the MySpace page. ANY DAY OF THE WEEK. It displays more of a commitment, I think. But, I can no longer deny the reality that there are many very legitimate musical acts who use MySpace and nothing else. The horror, there are some now using FaceBook exclusively. Then there's purevolume & it's neverending, I can't keep up. Ugh! I currently like ReverbNation the best, of all the tools available, but not everyone uses it.

This table is only APPROXIMATELY alphabetical.

The Plan is to clean it up eventually, but for now, just entering the data.
I'm a touch dyslexic, so it will probably never be PERFECT.

A Field of Black Orchids   Michigan Industrial Experimental Psychedelic     MySpace
A Whisper in the Noise Hanska Minnesota Shoegaze Folk Black Metal Website   MySpace
Abney Park Seattle Washington Steampunk Industrial Electronica Website   MySpace
Acubake System Mount Vernon Iowa Death Metal Thrash     MySpace
Adam Hammer Saint Cloud Minnesota Acoustic Folk     MySpace
aesmA Daeva Minneapolis Minnesota Gothic Metal Progressive Website   MySpace
Aiming For Aurora Twin Cities Minnesota Melodramatic Popular Song Website   MySpace
Alchemy Prophet   Georgia Ambient Electronica Live Electronics     MySpace
Alex Cornhill Saint Paul Minnesota Alternative   ReverbNation  
Alicia Leafgreen Minneapolis Minnesota Rap Hip Hop Experimental Website   MySpace
All The Pretty Horses Minneapolis Minnesota Power Sex Fashion Pleasure Website   MySpace
All the Way Rider Minneapolis Minnesota Rock Alternative Website ReverbNation MySpace
Alli and I Lincoln Nebraska Acoustic Indie     MySpace
Almost Infinite Minneapolis Minnesota Alternative Garage   ReverbNation MySpace
Amdeide Minneapolis Minnesota Industrial Electro Techno Website   MySpace
American Gun Columbia South Carolina Rock Americana Country Website   MySpace
Amy Kloud Chanhassen Minnesota Folk Accoustic   ReverbNation  
anaROBIK anaPOLIS     Website   MySpace
Anything Box Fullerton California Indie Alternative New Wave Website   MySpace
Apocalypse Theatre Minneapolis Minnesota Gothic Metal Website   MySpace
Apoptygma Berzerk �stfold Norway Rock Industrial Electronica Website ReverbNation MySpace
Aria Sharp Minneapolis Minnesota Alternative Rock Other     MySpace
Ascend the Shadows New Haven Connecticut Thrash Metal     MySpace
Ashes of Erin Nowhere Arizona Rock Metal Website   MySpace
Astral Grey Minneapolis Minnesota Industrial Techno Club     MySpace
AT/DT Minneapolis Minnesota Rock Punk Alternative     MySpace
Attrition Midlands United Kingdom Gothic Industrial Experimental Website   MySpace
Audra Mesa Arizona Rock Alternative Website   MySpace
Aurascape Minneapolis Minnesota Trip Hop Electronica Down-tempo     MySpace
Autumn Minneapolis Minnesota Gothic New Wave Alternative Website   MySpace
Autumn Picture Montreal Quebec Indie Acoustic Black Metal Website   MySpace
Awante Lomas San Fernando Chile Pop Rock Baladas   ReverbNation  
Ayria Toronto Ontario Electronica Dance Electropop Website ReverbNation MySpace
Bauhaus   United Kingdom Post Punk Alternative Experimental Website   MySpace
Bella Koshka Minneapolis Minnesota Experimental Ambient Electronica Website   MySpace
Bella Morte Charlottesville Virginia Alternative Gothic Metal Website   MySpace
Black Days Down Minneapolis Minnesota Rock Alternative Metal   ReverbNation MySpace
Black Suit Youth New York New York Rock Punk Indie     MySpace
Blonde Redhead New York New York Alternative Website ReverbNation  
Blood   Japan Gothic Industrial Electro Website   MySpace
Blood Root Mother Buffalo Minnesota Rock Alternative Website ReverbNation  
Blue October Romford United Kingdom Electronica Dance Pop Website ReverbNation MySpace
Blut Reaktor New York New York Experimental Industrial Other Website   MySpace
Bow Ever Down   Maine Electro Pop Industrial Website   MySpace
Boys Like Girls Young America Minnesota Rock Emo Alternative   ReverbNation  
Brace For Impact! Circle Pines Minnesota Rock Experimental     MySpace
Brigands' Folie Farmington Minnesota Folk Celtic   ReverbNation  
Broken Noise Minneapolis Minnesota Rock Experimental Classical Website   MySpace
Brothers Quetico Minneapolis Minnesota Americana Website   MySpace
Buffalo Alice Atlanta Georgia Indie Folk Rock Website ReverbNation MySpace
Buffalo Daughter Tokyo Japan Experimental Electro Alternative Website   MySpace
Butcher Jones Tombstone Arizona Rock Rock Rock     MySpace
Butterfly Messiah Los Angeles California Experimental Ambient Trance     MySpace
Calabrese Phoenix Arizona Rock Punk Gothic Website   MySpace
Cannot Justify Minneapolis Minnesota Progressive Metal     MySpace
Carla Bozulich   Burkina Faso Happy Hardcore Gothic Website   MySpace
Carol Plunk Jackson Tennesee Rock Folk Rock Acoustic Website   MySpace
Cathal Coughlan London United Kingdom Alternative Folk Rock Experimental Website   MySpace
Cathy Crescendo Saint Cloud Minnesota Indie Folk Rock     MySpace
Celestial Sounds Harps Minneapolis Minnesota Classical Folk Celtic     MySpace
Children Playing Dayton Ohio Experimental     MySpace
Cinema Strange Los Angeles California Alternative Indie Experimental Website   MySpace
Cities & Thrones Little Rock Arkansas Indie Acoustic Glam Website   MySpace
City of Sound Minneapolis Minnesota Rock Ambient Experimental     MySpace
CJ Garton Lebanon Tennesee Country Website ReverbNation MySpace
Code Black Cresco Iowa Alternative Metal Rock     MySpace
Cold Colours Minneapolis Minnesota Metal Rock Gothic Website   MySpace
Colleen   France Experimental Other Classical Website   MySpace
Connemara Stone Company Essen Germany Folk Rock Website ReverbNation  
Corpse Show Creeps Minneapolis Minnesota Psychobilly Punk Rockabilly     MySpace
Cousin Dracula Brainerd Minnesota Experimental Live Electronics Other     MySpace
Creature Feature Ventura California Rock Electro Gothic Website   MySpace
CTRLSHFT Madison Wisconsin Industrial IDM Electro Website   MySpace
Cursory Hearts Dogtown California Metal Thrash Electronica   ReverbNation MySpace
Cwn Annwn Saint Paul Minnesota Metal Thrash Progressive Website   MySpace
Dantes Lounge Minneapolis Minnesota Metal Rock Website   MySpace
Dawn Desiree' Reston Virginia Folk Rock Gothic Pop Website   MySpace
Days of Our Decay   Ontario Industrial Gothic Metal     MySpace
dd/mm/yyyy Toronto Ontario Zouk Zouk Zouk Website   MySpace
Dead By Six Windham Connecticut Alternative Metal Western Swing     MySpace
Dead End Age Saint Cloud Minnesota Punk Rock Punk     MySpace
DemiEtoile Minneapolis Minnesota Electronica Hardcore     MySpace
Devery Harper Sud Ovest Florida Other New Age Ambient Website ReverbNation MySpace
Dichotomy Incarnate San Francisco California       MySpace
Die Laughing Nottingham United Kingdom Gothic Alternative Pop     MySpace
Diemazz Utah Experimental Gothic Ambient     MySpace
Dissociate Minneapolis Minnesota Electronica Experimental Industrial     MySpace
Dope Stars Inc. Roma Italy Alternative Industrial Rock Website   MySpace
Dread Veil Rochester Minnesota Metal Gothic     MySpace
Drift Effect Minneapolis Minnesota Rock Metal Alternative Website ReverbNation MySpace
Ed Winslet London United Kingdom Acoustic Rock Alternative     MySpace
80-D. Minneapolis Minnesota Industrial Metal Experimental Website   MySpace
Ele Saint Louis Missouri Acoustic Pop Indie     MySpace
Ellis Minneapolis Minnesota Folk Rock Indie Acoustic Website   MySpace
Empires Minneapolis Minnesota Metal Visual Down-tempo     MySpace
Ensoph Padova Italy Gloomy Avant-garde     MySpace
Envy is Blind Minneapolis Minnesota Electro Industrial Gothic Website   MySpace
Epochate Rome Italy Industrial Classical Rock Website   MySpace
Eric Bridenbaker Toronto Ontario Live Electronics Ambient Minimalist     MySpace
Ethereal Sedition Orlando Florida Industrial Trance Electro Website   MySpace
Euphoreador Minneapolis Minnesota Alternative Indie   ReverbNation  
Faith Assembly Los Angeles California Alternative Electronica New Wave Website ReverbNation MySpace
Fanoe Zurich Switzerland Industrial Electronica Rock Website   MySpace
Far ForbiddeN Minneapolis Minnesota Metal Progressive   ReverbNation  
Far From Falling Minneapolis Minnesota Rock Alternative Progressive Website   MySpace
Fermata Madison Wisconsin Acoustic Experimental Rock Website   MySpace
Fine Young Knives Fargo North Dakota Powerpop Pop Punk Post punk     MySpace
Flagellation Stockholm Sweden Death Metal Thrash Metal Website   MySpace
Freezepop Allston Massachusetts Electro Indie Pop Website   MySpace
Friendly Bears Brooklyn New York Progressive Indie     MySpace
Gabriel Steinbach Bielefeld Germany Experimental Gothic Electroacoustic     MySpace
Garland Villanova Saint Paul Minnesota Experimental Ambient Other     MySpace
Garmarna   Sweden Folk Pop Experimental Website   MySpace
Ghost in the Water Minneapolis Minnesota Electronica Pop Electro Website   MySpace
Give Em War! Twin Cities Minnesota       MySpace
GodGilbro Brainerd Minnesota Techno Experimental Industrial     MySpace
Good Luck And Godspeed Winona Minnesota Indie Rock     MySpace
Gotterdammerung Rotterdam Netherlands Gothic New Wave Post punk     MySpace
Grave Corps Cedar Falls Iowa Gothic Glam Punk     MySpace
Green Sweater Society Minneapolis Minnesota Alternative Pop   ReverbNation MySpace
Harsh Reality Minneapolis Minnesota Gothic Metal Hardcore Website   MySpace
Hasenfang Madison Wisconsin Gothic Electronica Shoegaze     MySpace
Headstone Hollow   North Carolina Electro Death Metal Industrial     MySpace
Heliosphere Minneapolis Minnesota Industrial Trance Electro Website   MySpace
Hondo Minneapolis Minnesota Metal Electro Glam Website   MySpace
Hud Minneapolis Minnesota Blues Roots Music Country     MySpace
Huff and Rapsys Milwaukee Wisconsin Ambient Experimental Electronica     MySpace
Hungry Lucy Cincinnati Ohio Pop Trip Hop Down-tempo Website   MySpace
Illusion Project   Australia       MySpace
In Isolation Nottingham United Kingdom New Wave Indie Alternative     MySpace
In Pursuit of Tomorrow Hackensack Minnesota Screamo Hardcore Pop Punk     MySpace
Iron Thrones Minneapolis Minnesota Metal Progressive Death Metal Website   MySpace
Isis Signum Guadalajara Jalisco Electro Techno Industrial     MySpace
Ixak Milwaukee Wisconsin Electronica Trance Gothic Website   MySpace
Jackal Lantern Minneapolis Minnesota Experimental Electronica Industrial     MySpace
Jagged Spiral Minneapolis Minnesota Metal Alternative Other Website   MySpace
James D. Stark Portland Oregon Gothic New Wave Pop Website   MySpace
JasonAlacrity Los Angeles California Industrial Experimental Website   MySpace
Johnny Pav   United Kingdom Alternative Metal Electro     MySpace
Kalevala Moscow Russian Federation Folk Metal Website   MySpace
Kamilla Fargo North Dakota Gothic Metal Rock     MySpace
Kari Holmes   Michigan Pop Acoustic Country     MySpace
Kari Tribble Roseville Minnesota Electronica Dance   ReverbNation  
Kevin Long Minneapolis Minnesota Rock Folk Punk     MySpace
Kimono Reykjavik Iceland Rock Progressive Indie Rock Website ReverbNation MySpace
Kokusyoku Sumire   Japan Gothic Classical Visual Website   MySpace
Kuxaan-Sum Denver Colorado Experimental Electronica Website   MySpace
La Ira de Dios Lima Peru Psychedelic Punk Rock     MySpace
LindenMenomonie Wisconsin Pop   ReverbNation MySpace
Little Tin Box Minneapolis Minnesota Electro New Wave Folk     MySpace
Louis Deangelis Boulder Colorado Gothic Experimental Punk Website   MySpace
Luna Mortis Madison Wisconsin Metal Progressive Thrash Website   MySpace
Mage Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Rock Emo Chinese Pop Website   MySpace
Maudlin Saint Paul Minnesota Indie Rock Powerpop Website   MySpace
Mercurial Rage Minneapolis Minnesota New Wave Electro Pop Website   MySpace
Mercy Kill Minneapolis Minnesota Electronica Dance   ReverbNation  
Micah Hakala Farmington Minnesota Electronica Dance   ReverbNation  
Mick Hargan and The Proposition Glasgow Scotland Pop Acoustic Website ReverbNation MySpace
Milkbar Minneapolis Minnesota Electro Rock Glam Website   MySpace
Mimic of a Mind Saint Paul Minnesota Alternative Indie   ReverbNation  
Mind Altering Substance Saginaw Michigan Industrial Alternative     MySpace
Mind Wired Shut   Louisiana Industrial Alternative Electronica Website   MySpace
Moonrunners Minneapolis Minnesota Blues Hip Hop Soul     MySpace
Mors Mortis Machinatio Eau Claire Wisconsin Metal Hardcore Progressive     MySpace
Moving Units Los Angeles California Indie Rock Website   MySpace
Niobium Twin Cities Minnesota Experimental Rock Metal   ReverbNation MySpace
Netherbird J�nk�ping Sweden Metal Death Metal Black Metal Website   MySpace
Nephesh Bogot� Colombia Metal Classical     MySpace
Neumatic Marion Iowa Metal Industrial Website   MySpace
Now And Forever Bloomington Minnesota Rock   ReverbNation  
Now Until the Hour Minneapolis Minnesota Metal Death Metal Progressive Website   MySpace
NothinGreyAndRust   NoworrY Experimental Industrial Other     MySpace
OBCT   Minnesota Industrial Electro Punk Website   MySpace
Ocho Ashland Oregon Folk Rock Acoustic Punk     MySpace
Okean Elzy   Ukraine Rock Website   MySpace
Old Crow Medicine Show Nashville Tennesee Roots Music Country Folk Website   MySpace
Once The Sun Port Washington Wisconsin Rock Website   MySpace
OnYen Brainerd Minnesota Experimental Psychedelic Electronica     MySpace
Opal Superior Wisconsin Alternative Rock Metal     MySpace
Operahouse London United Kingdom Rock Progressive Experimental Website   MySpace
Orchid Thief Minneapolis Minnesota Experimental Ambient Rock     MySpace
Osaka*rocK San Francisco California Rock Visual J-Pop     MySpace
Our Silent Procession Rochester Minnesota Metal Hardcore Industrial     MySpace
Over Matter Minneapolis Minnesota Rock Metal Progressive     MySpace
Owl City Owatonna Minnesota Electronica Pop     MySpace
Painted Saints Minneapolis Minnesota Folk Psychedelic Ambient Website   MySpace
PeopleAreMagnets Andover Minnesota Alternative   ReverbNation MySpace
Phantoms Of The SS   Antarctica Experimental Other Psychedelic Website   MySpace
Pilotlights Minneapolis Minnesota Electronica Dance   ReverbNation  
Pink Gorilla vs. Panda Bear Twin Cities Minnesota Metal Progressive Alternative Website   MySpace
Polis Mankato Minnesota Rock Ambient     MySpace
Portraits for Judith Duluth Minnesota Metal Progressive Alternative     MySpace
Project 86 Orange County California Alternative Rock Website   MySpace
Psychronic Continuum South/Central Florida Other Hyperbeat   ReverbNation  
PsiVamp Atlanta Georgia Electronica Industrial Techno Website   MySpace
Qondor Lima Peru Experimental     MySpace
Quietdrive Minneapolis Minnesota Rock Pop Alternative   ReverbNation  
Rain-In-The-Face   United States Gothic Ambient Minimalist     MySpace
Rawflcopter Rochester Minnesota Industrial Folk Rock Hip Hop     MySpace
Reliquary Scottsdale Arizona Gothic Other Website   MySpace
Red Fox Grey Fox Minneapolis Minnesota Indie Rock Pop     MySpace
Retard-O-Bot Tampa Florida Alternative Industrial Punk Website   MySpace
Rise Of The Empire Minneapolis Minnesota Experimental Metal Grindcore     MySpace
Risingfall Minneapolis Minnesota Metal Progressive Thrash Website   MySpace
Robotic Sound Check Rochester Minnesota House Rap Healing & EasyListening     MySpace
Revenant Revenge North Branch Minnesota Gothic Rock Experimental     MySpace
Samuel Markus Los Angeles California Visual Lyrical Website   MySpace
Savage Aural Hotbed Minneapolis Minnesota Industrial Experimental Concrete Website   MySpace
Saving the Falling Streeter North Dakota Punk Pop Punk Rock     MySpace
Scarlet Slipping Minneapolis Minnesota Gothic Ambient Electro Website   MySpace
Sci Fi Industries Almada Portugal Electronica Industrial Drum & Bass Website   MySpace
Scott Keever Minneapolis Minnesota Other Acoustic Electronica     MySpace
Screaming Mechanical Brain Minneapolis Minnesota Metal Industrial Punk Website   MySpace
Seabound   Germany Electro Industrial Pop Website ReverbNation MySpace
Serenity's Call Fargo North Dakota Rock Alternative Other     MySpace
Sero.Overdose Berlin Germany Pop Electro Electronica Website   MySpace
Severah Minneapolis Minnesota Rock Metal Alternative Website   MySpace
Severed Nerve Brainerd Minnesota Metal Grunge Experimental     MySpace
Signal and Report Minneapolis Minnesota PostPunk New Wave Progressive Website   MySpace
Signal To Noise Front Range Colorado Rock     MySpace
Sikamor Rooney East Village New York Country Punk Rock     MySpace
Shauna Burns Las Vegas Nevada Folk Acoustic Rock Website ReverbNation  
ShiverSkin Oklahoma City Oklahoma Classical Acoustic Gothic Website   MySpace
Sin Horses Minneapolis Minnesota Other     MySpace
Sleep Is The Enemy Saint Paul Minnesota Rock Alternative Metal     MySpace
Smiling Politely Minneapolis Minnesota Rock   ReverbNation MySpace
Some Never Sleep Gilbert Arizona Rock Powerpop Indie     MySpace
Some People's Kids Duluth Minnesota Punk Ska Surf     MySpace
Somewhere Midnight Dayton Ohio Rock Alternative Indie     MySpace
Souless Affection San Antonio Texas Electro Techno Gothic   ReverbNation MySpace
Spiv Denver Colorado Rock Alternative Indie Website   MySpace
Stars After the Storm La Crosse Wisconsin Pop Punk Powerpop Rock     MySpace
Stellar Vector Saint Paul Minnesota Post punk Electronica Rock Website ReverbNation MySpace
Stever Los Angeles California Rock Alternative Industrial     MySpace
Strobegirl London United Kingdom Alternative Indie Electro   ReverbNation MySpace
Suffering A Decade Brainerd Minnesota Metal Hardcore Death Metal     MySpace
Synapscape Bielefeld Germany Industrial Electro Psychobilly Website   MySpace
Tartar Lamb Brooklyn New York Experimental Alternative Classical     MySpace
Tarturis Plateau of Leng Arizona Metal Death Metal Progressive     MySpace
Tasha's Laughter Minneapolis Minnesota Rock Alternative Grunge Website   MySpace
Tenth Virgo Vinnytsia Ukraine Other     MySpace
Tepetricy Minneapolis Minnesota Rock Metal Industrial Website ReverbNation MySpace
TeraBrite Melbourne Florida Pop Punk Hardcore Techno     MySpace
That 1 Guy   California Zouk Zouk Zouk Website   MySpace
The Analog Format Duluth Minnesota Indie Electronica Rock     MySpace
The Angle Obscure Minneapolis Minnesota Progressive Metal Experimental     MySpace
The Anonymus Minneapolis Minnesota Garage Pop     MySpace
The Atlas Disaster Minneapolis Minnesota Progressive Indie Rock     MySpace
The Birthday Massacre Toronto Ontario Alternative Electronica Industrial Website ReverbNation MySpace
The Bloody Turncoats Minneapolis Minnesota Punk Rock Healing & EasyListening     MySpace
The Cans Minneapolis Minnesota Indie Psychedelic Powerpop Website   MySpace
The Cost of Silence Bradford Ohio Rock Alternative Progressive   ReverbNation  
The Crüxshadows Tallahassee Florida Electronica Dance Gothic Darkwave Website ReverbNation MySpace
The Divine Madness Los Angeles California Rock New Wave Gothic Website   MySpace
The Durty Nellys Minneapolis Minnesota Celtic Rock Healing & EasyListening Website   MySpace
The Eighth Minneapolis Minnesota Industrial Electronica Website   MySpace
The Engagement Minneapolis Minnesota Rock Alternative Indie Website   MySpace
The Ever Passing Minneapolis Minnesota Electronica Dance   ReverbNation  
The Funeral And The Twilight Minneapolis Minnesota Post-Punk Gothic Shoegaze     MySpace
The Gothsicles Chicago Illinois Industrial Gothic Website   MySpace
The Hellblinki Sextet Asheville North Carolina Simple music for Difficult People Website   MySpace
The Hiram Key   United Kingdom Indie New Wave Gothic     MySpace
The Idle Hands Minneapolis Minnesota Rock Rock Rock Website   MySpace
The Innersite Seattle Washington Psychedelic Alternative Rock     MySpace
The Langer�s Ball Saint Paul Minnesota Celtic Acoustic Folk Website   MySpace
The Last Hour   Italy Alternative Electronica Experimental Website   MySpace
The Midnight Muse Revue Minneapolis Minnesota Comedy Experimental Folk Rock     MySpace
The New Monarchs Minneapolis Minnesota Electro IDM Website   MySpace
The Outer Vibe Grand Rapids Michigan Rock Alternative Indie Website   MySpace
The Presets Sydney New South Wales Industrial Psychedelic Techno Website   MySpace
The Redlightdistrict Bonita Springs Florida Southern Rock Metal Experimental     MySpace
The Sex Prophets Miami Beach Florida Alternative Rock Website   MySpace
The Soviet Machines Minneapolis Minnesota Rock Garage Pop   ReverbNation MySpace
The Spill of Infinity Brisbane Queensland Metal Progressive Death Metal     MySpace
The Strand Chandler Arizona Industrial Electronica Website   MySpace
This Will End In Tears   Portugal Other Website   MySpace
Thought Thieves Minneapolis Minnesota Electro Industrial Gothic     MySpace
Thosquanta Minneapolis Minnesota Industrial Gothic Country     MySpace
ThouShaltNot Pittsburg Pennsylvania New Wave Industrial Indie Website   MySpace
3 Pill Morning Stacy Minnesota Rock   ReverbNation  
Tom Mair Lethbridge Alberta Rock Instrumental Electric Surf   ReverbNation  
Tragic Hero Center City Minnesota Electronica Dance   ReverbNation  
Treadmill Trackstar Columbia South Carolina Rock Alternative Acoustic Website   MySpace
Tribal Machine Victoria British Columbia Industrial Metal Rock Website   MySpace
Triple Spiral S�o Paulo Brazil Electronica Post punk     MySpace
Tursa London United Kingdom Folk Ambient Experimental Website   MySpace
Una Mente Sonora   United States Spanish Pop Metal Industrial     MySpace
Undercrypt Minneapolis Minnesota Gothic Classical Electronica Website   MySpace
Unfinished Thought Kalamazoo Michigan Rock Alternative Gothic Website   MySpace
Vaeidos Los Angeles California Rock     MySpace
Vedera Kansas City Missouri Rock Pop Alternative   ReverbNation  
Venus In Furs Fargo North Dakota Alternative Gothic Glam Website   MySpace
VenusFalling Atlanta Georgia New Wave Indie Electronica Website   MySpace
Verge of Collapse Rochester Minnesota Metal Hardcore     MySpace
Vika   New York Pop Rock Club Website   MySpace
Visideon Minneapolis Minnesota Metal Progressive Classical Website   MySpace
Vixtrola Los Angeles California Alternative Rock Pop Website   MySpace
Voltaire New York New York Acoustic Alternative Gothic Website   MySpace
Vosho Minneapolis Minnesota Emotronic Pop Electro Website   MySpace
Wasted Effort Fargo North Dakota Punk Alternative     MySpace
Wayne Mason Lakeland Florida Other Spoken Word Poetry Website ReverbNation  
Write This Down Minneapolis Minnesota Screamo Rock Christian     MySpace
Whicked Hayo Gent Belgium ElectronicaDance   ReverbNation  
White Light Riot Minneapolis Minnesota Rock Alternative Website ReverbNation MySpace
Who? Killed! Rock Los Angeles California Pop Pop Pop   ReverbNation MySpace
Wolfgang Carter Saint Paul Minnesota Rock Blues Rock   ReverbNation  
Xotox Paderborn Germany Industrial Electro Experimental Website   MySpace
yelworC   Germany Industrial Electro Gothic Website   MySpace
Your Memorial Buffalo Minnesota Metal Hardcore Progressive     MySpace
Zadera Magdeburg Germany Postpunk Gothic Punk Website   MySpace
Website ReverbNation MySpace

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