evil DJ petey
a creature fuelled mostly on coffee, pastries, and curiosity. If there were a typical mix, it would include strange genre-hopping musics from around the planet, obscure old recordings you never thought you would hear again, & some other stuff, because.

evil DJ petey started spinning public events in 2004, at B&B Billiards, and Club One in Savannah, Georgia.
Now in Minnesota, petey spins on occasion for CosPlay MonDays, and at the annual Goth Prom.

too much information


damned lies and statistics
age : 93
birthstone : sardonyx
occidental zodiac : virgo ) libra ( scorpio
oriental zodiac : earth horse
height : small
weight : average
strength : quite strong
defence : tough
move : quick
intelligence : stark raving brilliant
temperament : melancholic
humour : cold & dry
aisha : josefiend
favourite *
colour : phthalocyanine - blue or green
food : carrot cake, with cream cheese icing
day of the week : wodin's day
life philosophy : all beliefs are equally valid

            petey returned to the ancestral home in the heart of the frozen north, but still enjoys travel, and occasionally disappears off to live elsewhere for a while. most recently, petey made home in the principality of savannihstan, land of always summer, at the edge of the ocean, between river and salt marsh. before that, a secluded cleft in the wall that frames the ohio tornado valley, and also the last hill overlooking the omaha plains. for now, the 'cities.

      the other website? hometown has been shut down. no more free web hosting, eh?oh!#ell... once, that site had pictures, seasonal recipes, and bad poetry, but not much of anything new for the longest time. maybe that will all find a place here. there is yet an online journal, vatious profiles here, there and everywhere... if you're curious.
"friend" as a verb - not just through networks of connections, but also rather randomly (annoying strangers is a favourite pastime).
      a few words on EQ...

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